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Evgeniya Orudzheva

Evgeniya Orudzheva is an actress and  producer, who was born and raised in Moscow, Russia where she obtained a law degree. Shortly after, Evgeniya moved to NY to pursue acting. 


Evgeniya has been featured in critically acclaimed shows including NBC’s Allegiance, Netflix’s House of cards, CBS’s Blue bloods, and has starred in award- winning films including Alina, Anna robot, I arrived, and the international film “ Too many coincidences” which she was also a producer on. 

Evgeniya also produced and starred in the pilot “Marry me”.


Evgeniya frequently performs with the Russian theatre company  “Dialogue” both in the US and in Russia.

Evgeniya is the host and producer of Channel 5’s  “Real Conversation”, a talk show featuring honest conversation about everyday issues. 

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